Ears of Steel: The Podcast (general)

In which Bart discusses the closing of Twister at Universal Orlando, his love for and connection to the movie, and chasing the crew around Iowa. Plus it's replacement, Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon, and why there should be dinosaurs.

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In which Bart raises a glass of cheap red to D23, discusses what you might see at Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, if you live long enough to see either completed, and pays tribute to a beloved attraction about to recieve an international facelift, Soarin'! Plus incontinent fanboys, Dole Whips in the heartland, and more!

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In which I reveal some good news as a result of EoS listeners. From Disney documentaries to the BAM500. Plus a walk down Main Street USA with the Main Street Monthly.

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Join Bart as he discusses character band aids, Bubble Guppies, an incredible Disney themed Kickstarter project for Keep Moving Forward, and opens is very first Loot Crate delivery on the show!

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In which I discuss acid feet, fake English drugstore clerks, the Minions movie, Star Wars LEGO's, why Bob Iger irritates me, and why the D23 expo (and Bob Iger) irritate me. Sorry for the whistle in the background!

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Back after an unexplained absense (which is explained, more or less. Plus Jurassic World, Entourage, movie hopping adventures, and a trip to the Ears of Steel reading room to pay tribute to a possibly endangered attraction.

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In which we compare Guardians to The Fifth Element, discuss Jungle Book casting news, how an Ogre musical made Bart emotional, and the inspiring Jim Henson biography.

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In which Kelly and Bart share a bit of their own prehistoric history, discussing Jurassic World & the original Jurassic Park. Then Bart rants about bygone glory days at Six Flags.

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Back home in the studio for our 1st anniversary, we discuss water slide-related injuries, live-action Dumbo and envision a perfect channel for 40 year-old Disney nerd...err, fans!

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In which Bart talks about the recent "Ears of Steel Celebrity Book Tour," reminds Disney fans to stop by their local comics shop, and discusses Kevin Smith's visit to the set of Episode 7 (as well as why he's responsible for EoS!)

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In which Bart flies without a Wookie and talks more 90's Alt Rock, the Figment comic, Pearl Jam's take on the Frozen hit and how Han Solo can survive a war with the Empire and savage bounty hunters, but not a prop door.

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In which Bart crosses enemy lines to review what he calls the best animated film of the last year or more. We also discuss "Edge of Tomorrow" and the current state of the movie-going experience. Oh, and we ask the eternal question, "You like Silverchair?"

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In which Bart flies solo like a little purple dragon and finally talks The Winter Soldier, the release of Figment #1, drops an inside tidbit about the Beauty and The Beast movie you won't see in Variety, and wishes "happy birthday" to the duck!

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In which we discuss the intricacies of Maleficent, real life ghost stories of Disneyland, and adamant claims that Donald Duck is not getting enough love from the Disney universe. The guys also talk about why Linda Woolverton should be a Disney legend, the feral cats of Disneyland, and what is the single greatest scene in Teen Wolf history.

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In which we ask "what the heck is going on at Marvel?!?" We marvel over the new Batsuit (see what I did there?) and Bart reveals his favorite celebrity appearance in a Disney attraction!

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In which we discuss recent Disney movie trailers, including the new one for Guardians of the Galaxy. We also talk about Star Wars weekends, a great SW podcast & traveling solo at WDW. Finally we invite you in as we wonder aloud about the future of EoS: The Podcast.

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In which we review the new Disney Pictures film, Million Dollar Arm, just minutes after seeing an advance screening. We also ponder if ABC & Disney are taking a huge gamble with the Once Upon A Time finale, and discuss the prudence of spoiling details of television shows as they air.

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In which Bart interviews Erika Murphy, seen as the Ultimate Disney Fan on the Travel Channel's Fan's Guide: Walt Disney World. We also spend a bit of time discussing the new 24 television event, and the Star Wars casting announcement.

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In which we discuss personnel changes and what they mean in a galaxy that might not be so far, far away, the new Ratatouille attraction, James Bond (again?), and even a little hockey talk.

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In which we chat with the great Banks Lee, co-host of Attractions - The Show! We talk Orlando Attractions Magazine, Star Wars Weekends, The Adventurers Club, My Magic+ and head up the road to explore Gringotts Bank and the new Cabana Bay at Universal.

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In which we discuss D23's Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives, how it affected each of us, and the impact of Disney. We also pause to remember a legend and his Disney connections.

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In which Bart marches solo to the Animal Kingdom's soon to be defunct parade, teases upcoming guests and even recommends a little Disney- related reading (or listening) not his own.

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In which we pull on the tights and step into the squared-circle with "Hollywood" Kurt Larson, host of "Stay Cool, Geek", and non-Epcot fan, to debate the merits of Walt Disney World's second gate, Epcot!

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In which we celebrate our Irish heritage, as well the continued life of Wayne Knight, marvel over the lack of additional Incredibles movies, and then imagine(er) a new Incredibles attraction. Plus Kelly lays the ground rules for next week's Epcot cage match!

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In which we discuss a cyber-brush with a CMA, ACM and Grammy winning superstar, Chicago dogs vs. Main Street U.S.A., a respected travel writer's attack on Orlando, and the first official EoS Meet-Up!

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In which we discuss Frozen's big night, Travolta's big screw-up, EGOTs, Ellen DeGeneres as host and Disney Oscar ambassador, Epcot's Universe of Energy / Ellen's Energy Adventure attraction and more!

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In which we remember a comedy icon and hero on the anniversary of his passing, make the case for his status as "Disney Legend," react to today's loss of another cinematic giant, and finally make our Oscar picks for next week's show.

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