Ears of Steel: The Podcast

In which we ask "what the heck is going on at Marvel?!?" We marvel over the new Batsuit (see what I did there?) and Bart reveals his favorite celebrity appearance in a Disney attraction!

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In which we discuss recent Disney movie trailers, including the new one for Guardians of the Galaxy. We also talk about Star Wars weekends, a great SW podcast & traveling solo at WDW. Finally we invite you in as we wonder aloud about the future of EoS: The Podcast.

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In which we review the new Disney Pictures film, Million Dollar Arm, just minutes after seeing an advance screening. We also ponder if ABC & Disney are taking a huge gamble with the Once Upon A Time finale, and discuss the prudence of spoiling details of television shows as they air.

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In which Bart interviews Erika Murphy, seen as the Ultimate Disney Fan on the Travel Channel's Fan's Guide: Walt Disney World. We also spend a bit of time discussing the new 24 television event, and the Star Wars casting announcement.

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