Ears of Steel: The Podcast

A melancholy show - you've been warned. Reminiscing and flipping through old concert tickets.

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A particularly musical Monday morning MobileCast which quickly and inexplicably spirals into Van Halen talk. Plus Steven Tyler's Orlando adventure and more.

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An EoS Mobile Cast in which Bart stresses out over work, reviews the new season of Daredevil so far, and makes a bit of an announcement. Plus, everyboddddaaayyy!!!

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In which Bart feels off, but discusses the new Kong vehicles in Islands of Adventure, the new steam punk chocolate-themed restaurant in Universal City Walk, and finally reviews Zootopia, and dreams of a Zootopian world he can visit.

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Ride along as I pick up pizza from Lou's, coffee from the Double D, talk more Twister, wonder why Universal Orlando didn't go a different way, and make a minor announcement. All live from the Honda Odyssey!

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In which Bart is up too late on a school night and discusses the return of 88 Fingers Louie, his own younger, wilder days, watching Fantasia 2000 16 years late, and the special WDW Today even, De Las Puertas!

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