Ears of Steel: The Podcast

In which we compare Guardians to The Fifth Element, discuss Jungle Book casting news, how an Ogre musical made Bart emotional, and the inspiring Jim Henson biography.

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In which Kelly and Bart share a bit of their own prehistoric history, discussing Jurassic World & the original Jurassic Park. Then Bart rants about bygone glory days at Six Flags.

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Back home in the studio for our 1st anniversary, we discuss water slide-related injuries, live-action Dumbo and envision a perfect channel for 40 year-old Disney nerd...err, fans!

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In which Bart talks about the recent "Ears of Steel Celebrity Book Tour," reminds Disney fans to stop by their local comics shop, and discusses Kevin Smith's visit to the set of Episode 7 (as well as why he's responsible for EoS!)

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