Ears of Steel: The Podcast

Join Bart on a walk through a farm and an impromptu podcast. Country girls, sharing a sunsets, whinging about menus at Disney, and making a big decision about the trip to Orlando this September.

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A Monday Morning MobileCast ON a Monday morning! Join Bart as he gets his car wash on, pines for hot lava, announces a new blog and his new career as a t-shirt magnate! And recommends a new favorite YouTuber!

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In which Bart reveals some exciting news, including when and where you might be able to catch him in the fall. Hint: It's in the middle of Florida, and has big mice. As well as writing a sequel (and maybe something new) and a new partnership!

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I mean, do you need a description?!?  I saw Captain America: Civil War and I talk about it. There are some light spoilers, but not major plot points. Still, caveat emptor!

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In which Bart is really excited for Captain America: Civil War, pines for an unlikely team-up movie for Cap and another WW2 era flying hero, wonders if Star Wars is ruining Disneyland, and is inspired by a YouTube star.

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