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In which Bart gives a brief summary of a green Christmas, then dives right into a spoiler-filled review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You've been warned.

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In which Bart spends Christmas Eve Eve waxing rhapsodically about chicken wings and White Castle, gives a little WDW update about a new bar at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and even shares an excerpt from a new Christmas Story.

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Put on your ugliest holiday sweater, because baby it's cold outside (and creepy inside) and we're singing carols, reviewing A Very Murray Christmas, talking about audiobooks, Martin Short, Harry Potter, refurbishing Epcot rides, and even doing a little Christmas shopping. Get ready to sing and swing, baby!

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The 100th episode in which Bart reflects on over two years of shows, the changes that have come, and the future ahead, before recapping Thanksgiving shenanigans, giving a brief review of The Good Dinosaur (which veers off into a memory of an obscure 1988 action movie called Shakedown) and finally answers some listener questions, including which Hogwarts house he belongs in.

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