Ears of Steel: The Podcast

a spontaneous MobileCast turns into a two-parter, in which Bart discusses digging dinosaurs, preschool teacher politics, and whether a Jetsons movie would still work. Then after a short 8 hour break, comes back with a bleedin' nose to talk about the new "bar" at Epcot's Canada pavilion, and what international celebrities should host new Circle-Vision 360 movies in World Showcase.

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In which Bart pays tribute to three lost celebrities this week; Doris Roberts, Chyna, and of course, Prince Rogers Nelson. Plus fast-casual Middle Eastern food, channeling Epcot,"setting the stage", and a quick strip to the EoS Library to discuss the literary works of Jimmy Buffett. 

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After much technical difficulty, here is your Monday(ish) MobileCast! Come for a ride along the windows down, rant about people who aren't aware of their surroundings, and let me know if you'd like to wear the proper . . . uh, body gear.

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A not-so Monday MobileCast in which Bart talks the weather, riding out a real life twister, and why Cars Land will always remind him of bad weather. Then after a short 8 hour break, returns to discuss drinking at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, imagines his own Hanna-Barbera super team, before witnessing an almost tragic-turned-not-so-bad situation.

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In which Bart gets hyped about new music by Jesse Blaze Snider, figures he should probably stop swearing on the show given the official announcement he makes, welcomes the end of American Idol, discusses both new trailers from Disney this week -- The BFG and Rogue One, and dips back into his own writing history with a story from the past.

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The Monday cast starts to veer off toward negativity with rants about crappy weather and conservative towns and beer neons, but then swerves back, discussing Audiobooks, David Spade, and moving to Florida. Then things really take a strange turn. Does Bart blow off work to chase the elusive white lion? Listen and find out!

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Unbelievably, Bart may be the first podcaster with this huge press release from Walt Disney World! This news is wild!

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