Ears of Steel: The Podcast

In which Bart mourns the death of the MobileCast (maybe), apologizes for F-bombs (but you know it was funny), and then discusses an expensive epicurean Epcot day while perusing the menus of Coral Reef, San Angel Inn, and Akershus.

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In which Bart starts the St. Patrick's Day festivities early, recalls festivities of old, talks about the possibility of a podcast cruise, and tells a very long story about his first Caribbean cruise (and the fate of that majestic vessel!) 

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In which Bart discusses funny bad reviews, a weird subtle change to Stacey's theme song, The View at Animal Kingdom, spicy pineapple dogs, and more! 

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In which Bart eulogizes the late, great star of movies like Twister and Aliens, then talks about upcoming Fast Pass plans, plus debates whether you can call a giant taco a burrito.

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