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In which Bart gives a brief summary of a green Christmas, then dives right into a spoiler-filled review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You've been warned.

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In which Bart spends Christmas Eve Eve waxing rhapsodically about chicken wings and White Castle, gives a little WDW update about a new bar at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and even shares an excerpt from a new Christmas Story.

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Put on your ugliest holiday sweater, because baby it's cold outside (and creepy inside) and we're singing carols, reviewing A Very Murray Christmas, talking about audiobooks, Martin Short, Harry Potter, refurbishing Epcot rides, and even doing a little Christmas shopping. Get ready to sing and swing, baby!

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The 100th episode in which Bart reflects on over two years of shows, the changes that have come, and the future ahead, before recapping Thanksgiving shenanigans, giving a brief review of The Good Dinosaur (which veers off into a memory of an obscure 1988 action movie called Shakedown) and finally answers some listener questions, including which Hogwarts house he belongs in.

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In which Bart talks about boozy, smoky Thanksgivings of the past, the crowded circus of a Turkey Day he's not excited about this year, making people work on holidays, and sincerely thanks all of the listeners and supporters of Ears of Steel. Plus, Jessica Jones, Captain America, and a new collaboration on the horizon?

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In which freshly returned from a trip to America's Dairyland, Bart discusses road trips, the joys of being a hockey parent (expense aside), the Wisconsin Dells, Spotted Cow, and good times at Great Wolf Lodge.

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A surprise, slightly tipsy bonus pod because a few different listeners have said they enjoy listening while running. A couple are running in the Epcot Food & Wine "Wine and Dine Half" so I go over new menus at Disney and Universal for a special treat runners might enjoy treating themselves with! Sadly I don't succeed!!!

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In which Bart discusses the closing of Twister at Universal Orlando, his love for and connection to the movie, and chasing the crew around Iowa. Plus it's replacement, Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon, and why there should be dinosaurs.

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In which Bart digs into the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer during Monday Night Football. Then a brief review of ABC's The Chew broadcasting semi-live from Epcot last week. Plus Soarin' going down, Halloween, werewolf costumes, and the further adventures of a "Suburban Sasquatch!"

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In which Bart shares something he just learned involving the genesis of a Disney thrill ride and comedy legend. Then he asks you, the listeners for advice on his next project.

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In which Bart discusses the Walt Disney World Anniversary, memories of his grandfather and EPCOT Center '82, time on Irish ice, and the circle of life in a pancake house.

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Chili love, coffee addiction, a detailed listener review of Halloween Horror Nights 25 and #Drawlloween.

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In which Bart obseves National Cheeseburger Day, plugs his recent appearance on the Brew Drown Podcast, admits to selling "facts" about Walt Disney World that might not (or might) be true, and recomends his new spiritual guide, Dee "Twisted Sister" Snider!

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In which Bart discusses pumpkin beer, falling back in love with Harry Potter, checking out the Force Friday aftermath, Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights, his own obsession with werewolves, and takes a moment to remember the great Wes Craven.

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This week I smell what the Rock is cooking. From the newly announced Jungle Cruise movie to the Fast & Furious attraction coming Universal Orlando, it's going to be another big year for The Rock and for fans! Plus old African safaris, would I rather just drink a glass of olive brine, the Adventurer's Club and more!

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In which Bart raises a glass of cheap red to D23, discusses what you might see at Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, if you live long enough to see either completed, and pays tribute to a beloved attraction about to recieve an international facelift, Soarin'! Plus incontinent fanboys, Dole Whips in the heartland, and more!

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In which I reveal some good news as a result of EoS listeners. From Disney documentaries to the BAM500. Plus a walk down Main Street USA with the Main Street Monthly.

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Join Bart as he discusses character band aids, Bubble Guppies, an incredible Disney themed Kickstarter project for Keep Moving Forward, and opens is very first Loot Crate delivery on the show!

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In which I discuss acid feet, fake English drugstore clerks, the Minions movie, Star Wars LEGO's, why Bob Iger irritates me, and why the D23 expo (and Bob Iger) irritate me. Sorry for the whistle in the background!

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Back after an unexplained absense (which is explained, more or less. Plus Jurassic World, Entourage, movie hopping adventures, and a trip to the Ears of Steel reading room to pay tribute to a possibly endangered attraction.

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