Ears of Steel: The Podcast

In which Bart flies without a Wookie and talks more 90's Alt Rock, the Figment comic, Pearl Jam's take on the Frozen hit and how Han Solo can survive a war with the Empire and savage bounty hunters, but not a prop door.

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In which Bart crosses enemy lines to review what he calls the best animated film of the last year or more. We also discuss "Edge of Tomorrow" and the current state of the movie-going experience. Oh, and we ask the eternal question, "You like Silverchair?"

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In which Bart flies solo like a little purple dragon and finally talks The Winter Soldier, the release of Figment #1, drops an inside tidbit about the Beauty and The Beast movie you won't see in Variety, and wishes "happy birthday" to the duck!

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In which we discuss the intricacies of Maleficent, real life ghost stories of Disneyland, and adamant claims that Donald Duck is not getting enough love from the Disney universe. The guys also talk about why Linda Woolverton should be a Disney legend, the feral cats of Disneyland, and what is the single greatest scene in Teen Wolf history.

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