Ears of Steel: The Podcast

Another MobileCast (sorry about that) in which Bart celebrates the Chicago Cubs' NLCS victory and their first World Series in 71 years, rambles about vlogs, recommends you all listen to his appearance on the new parenting podcast Those Are Daddy's Toys hosted by old friend (and sometimes nemesis) Kurt Larson.

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A Monday MobileCast in which I discuss burgers with Buffett, the Chicago Cubs, my own history as a baseball fan (and not), Walt Disney World's military resort Shades of Green, and has a realization about the first Ears of Steel that he vows to change.

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The 150th episode and final trip report from Walt Disney World in which I rode Frozen Ever After, wait to long for busses, have an incredible burger in Disney Springs, nearly die (not really but felt like it), and experience International Line Relations on Nemo & Friends.

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In which Bart talks about getting weepy outside of Disney's Animal Kingdom with Phil Collins, has breakfast in the Rainforest, then meets a bunch of other people in Clermont, and finishes the night at Epcot for food, wine, and Illuminations.

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In which Bart returns from Walt Disney World and begins his report on early flying, Pop Century, an afternoon at Disney's Hollywood Studios and meeting Kylo Ren, plus dinner reviews of Tony's Town Square and T-Rex, a review of the new Soarin' at Epcot, and much more!

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