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November 2023
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I promised an episode before Christmas and here it is. Low energy, COVID-stricken, podcasting at it's . . . well, it's here anyway. I slur my way through reviews of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Hawkeye finale. I hope you enjoy anyway and wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

Direct download: TSL_57_12242021.mp3
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In which I'm joined by two special guests to give a special perspective on Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Plus Hawkeye on Disney+, Hugh Jackman strapping on the claws in the MCU, trying a new rum, and more in the tiki bar for monsters!

Direct download: TSL_Ep_56_12162021.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 9:56am CST

After an unplanned 3 month hiatus, the Tiki Bar is OPEN! I'm a little  rusty and it's audible, but come along as I bring you up to speed on what I've been up to, talk about the new Velocicoaster at Universal Orlando, then take an impromptu look at the latest HHN speculation map. Plus, we delve into the dark history of The Noid! 

Direct download: TSL_50_061221.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 9:00pm CST

Join Bart in the tiki bar for monsters to discuss all things Beetlejuice, from the movie to the Halloween Horror Nights house it seems we almost had, the merch, and even the long rumored Poly-themed sequel. Polynesian, you pervs!

Plus Monster News: What gargantuan beast is lurking out there in the deep, devouring great white sharks?!? And couple of appropriate cocktails, including one you can find at Universal Orlando. 

Direct download: TSL_Ep_40_08182020.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 8:00pm CST

Smallfoot, Cartoon Yetis, Hurricane Watch, The Dark Crystal, Wizard World, Conventions with Kids, Getting Yelled At for Vlogging, and More. 

Direct download: TSL_Ep_14_083019.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:48pm CST

I finally saw Avengers: Endgame, but instead of reviewing it, offer a couple of spoiler-free observations I've made. And there wasn't any good Monster News, but I did find some Weird News, featuring reptiles and Florida! 

Direct download: TSL_Ep_2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:59pm CST

In a mostly MobileCast, Bart discusses why this is the second attempt at Episode 161, technical update, The Proclaimers, an awesome new podcast project, and then, once home a very brief recap of the Elgin Lit Fest. 

Direct download: EoS2016120pt202.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 5:54pm CST

In which Bart enjoys a freak warm day in January, has weird dreams about Miley Cyrus, teases an exciting new endeavor, and asks your opinion about an ethical debate.

Direct download: EoS20160.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 8:19am CST

A MobileCast in which Bart discusses Epcot's Canada pavilion, trying to stay dry, a great documentary called "LIFE, ANIMATED", and the first celebrity endorsement for The Cats of the Castle.

Direct download: EoS20159v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:18am CST

A nearly lost episode recorded as theclock struck twelve on New Years Eve! Bart discusses NYE parties of old, including drunken Ants in the Pants, plus Alan Thicke, the Disney Parks Christmas Whatever that was, Avatar, cheap 3D, bologna boats, and more! Happy New Year!

Direct download: NYE20SHOW2028mp3cut.net29.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 3:28pm CST

A brief Christmas Eve MorningCast just to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all my listeners & their loved ones! Let's fire off some goals together!

Direct download: EoSXmas16.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 12:01pm CST

In which Bart discusses issues with Rainforest Cafe, why he likes Cars, Adam the Woo, and wonders why we can't have gators back now.

Direct download: EoS157.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 3:50pm CST

A MobileCast episode in which Bart remembers the fine work of Tia Carrere in Wayne's World, laments the ability to not know, reviews Moana, is unimpressed with the Death Star, imagines a Mummy Impossible, and lastly shares a somewhat creepy true Christmas story.

Direct download: EoS20156.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 10:49am CST

On the night before Thanksgiving, Bart discusses his recent trip to Maryland, a German dragon city, almost crying over a souvenir, and laments passing up $300 from Southwest.

Direct download: EoS20155v3.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 12:18am CST

A short EoS MobileCast in which Bart discusses struggling with the time change, egg muffins, and finally makes the announcement he's been waiting over a year to tell you all: The Cats of the Castle is available RIGHT NOW! Here's how to get it & a special request (or two!)

Direct download: EoS20154.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 4:27pm CST

In which Bart celebrates a successful Halloween, even if he did almost break a limb in the process, talks about his first foray into cosplay, takes the kids trick or treating, thinks up a "billion dollar idea" for a Thanksgiving decoration, and discusses breakfasts with Princesses.

Direct download: EoS20153.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 12:16am CST

Another MobileCast (sorry about that) in which Bart celebrates the Chicago Cubs' NLCS victory and their first World Series in 71 years, rambles about vlogs, recommends you all listen to his appearance on the new parenting podcast Those Are Daddy's Toys hosted by old friend (and sometimes nemesis) Kurt Larson.

Direct download: EoS20152.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 4:38pm CST

A Monday MobileCast in which I discuss burgers with Buffett, the Chicago Cubs, my own history as a baseball fan (and not), Walt Disney World's military resort Shades of Green, and has a realization about the first Ears of Steel that he vows to change.

Direct download: EoS151.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 9:34pm CST

In which Bart talks about getting weepy outside of Disney's Animal Kingdom with Phil Collins, has breakfast in the Rainforest, then meets a bunch of other people in Clermont, and finishes the night at Epcot for food, wine, and Illuminations.

Direct download: EoS20149.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 8:13am CST

In which Bart is counting down the days, reviews Blackish at Walt Disney World and the new show Speechless, sets up a (sort of) official EoS Meet & Greet for next week, and finally, is looking for a new man purse.

Direct download: EoS20147.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 10:45am CST

An EoS MobileCast in which Bart airs some grievances about recent decisions at Walt Disney World; specifically Jasmine's midriff and the loss of Scoop. Plus he's attacked by a bird of prey (not quite) and almost ends up roadkill. Plus a tribute to DAK's Big Red that you can own!

Direct download: EoS20146.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:32am CST

An EoS MobileCast (with some audio issues, for which I apologize, but can only blame the beard) in which Bart recovers from a late night at the Last Fling seeing the Summerland Tour with Sugar Ray, Everclear, Lit, and Sponge. And a LOT of free beer!

Direct download: EoS20145.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 9:52pm CST

In a follow-up to the Steven Tyler "shocker" story, Bart discusses the possible removal of not only a finger, but the entire band Aerosmith, then peruses the drink menu at Tune In Lounge. Plus a Disney surprise, and more.

Direct download: EoS20144.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 3:43pm CST

In which Bart gives his review of the Netflix series Stranger Things, and then gets personal and delves into Walt's own dealings with stress and a nervous breakdown. Plus Labyrinth coming back to the big screen, and more.

Direct download: EoS20143v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 3:44pm CST

In which Bart explains why he now loves 90's pop music, gets excited about A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, is annoyed that Disney altered Steven Tyler's fingers, and leaves you with a little something different.

Direct download: EoS142v3.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 10:18am CST

In which Bart returns from a week in the Wisconsin wilderness for an EOS MobileCast recorded over multiple car rides and days. From pontoon boats to weapons of wasp destruction to Disney villains, this one's all over the place friends!

Direct download: EoS20141.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 10:52pm CST

In which Bart saves a fish that may have been suicidal, or a psycho, gets older, recommends cocktails at Red Robin, but not eating the hot pepper, before finally getting excited about The Rocketeers and speculating about how this could blend two universes now owned by Disney.

Direct download: EoS20140.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 12:52am CST

In which Bart gets hot, makes ADR's for Disney, dreams of eating with (and maybe sleeping near) Lady & the Tramp, and looks forward to breakfast with monkeys at Rainforest Cafe - but worries about the absence of fish.

Direct download: EoS20139.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 8:26pm CST

Join Bart in a review of the latest menu to be released for the upcoming Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Then rock out to the newly announced lineup for the accompanying Eat to the Beat concert series.

Direct download: EoS20138.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:58am CST

In this Monday Morning MobileCast, Bart reveals his Ilvermorny house, how bananas and milk take him back to days of "hippy music", is grossed out by strange soda flavors, gets emotionally invested in My 600 lb. Life, and finally ponders if he should risk being stinky for his health.

Direct download: EoS20137.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:41pm CST

In which Bart reacts to seeing his favorite podcaster / filmmaker / producer / writer Kevin Smith live.

Direct download: EoS20136.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:27am CST

A late-night episode (but at least it's not a MobileCast) in which Bart discusses Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies, why he's no longer a fan of Captain Morgan, Frozen Ever After at Epcot and "fanboy" anger, and two quick-service food items he can't wait to try when he gets to Walt Disney World in September, all while inexplicably using the term "psyched."

Direct download: EoS20135.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 12:55pm CST

An accidental MobileCast to discuss the latest rumor to come out of Walt Disney World - specifically a possible major development at Epcot's Future World. Is Ellen going the way of the dinosaur to make room for Groot? Will we here the sound of a million fanboys' heads exploding? We'll find out soon enough.

Direct download: EoS20134.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 1:57pm CST

In this Monday Morning MobileCast, Bart immediately shares his experience spending a day as a proxy bodyguard for American entertainment icon, Disney Legend, and the world's most famous chimney sweep, Dick Van Dyke.

Direct download: EoS20133.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 9:53am CST

A Monday Morning MobileCast in which Bart talks about Chicago baseball, Pure Michigan, his love of Patrick Warburton, and gives his mobile review of Disney / Pixar's "Finding Dory." Hop in and listen!

Direct download: EoS20132v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 9:42pm CST

Recorded on the way home from the Chicago Improve after seeing Bert Kreischer on Friday night/Saturday morning.

Direct download: EoS131.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:42am CST

Join Bart as he reacts to the latest Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights announcement and considers buying a pickup truck before delving into a serious game of Tiki elimination as he decides which drinks he wants to try at Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in September.

Direct download: EoS130.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 12:00am CST

Join Bart on a walk through a farm and an impromptu podcast. Country girls, sharing a sunsets, whinging about menus at Disney, and making a big decision about the trip to Orlando this September.

Direct download: EoS20129.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 10:55pm CST

A Monday Morning MobileCast ON a Monday morning! Join Bart as he gets his car wash on, pines for hot lava, announces a new blog and his new career as a t-shirt magnate! And recommends a new favorite YouTuber!

Direct download: EoS12820Intro.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:09am CST

In which Bart reveals some exciting news, including when and where you might be able to catch him in the fall. Hint: It's in the middle of Florida, and has big mice. As well as writing a sequel (and maybe something new) and a new partnership!

Direct download: EoS127.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:24am CST

I mean, do you need a description?!?  I saw Captain America: Civil War and I talk about it. There are some light spoilers, but not major plot points. Still, caveat emptor!

Direct download: EoS20126.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 2:59pm CST

In which Bart is really excited for Captain America: Civil War, pines for an unlikely team-up movie for Cap and another WW2 era flying hero, wonders if Star Wars is ruining Disneyland, and is inspired by a YouTube star.

Direct download: EoS20125.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 5:56am CST

a spontaneous MobileCast turns into a two-parter, in which Bart discusses digging dinosaurs, preschool teacher politics, and whether a Jetsons movie would still work. Then after a short 8 hour break, comes back with a bleedin' nose to talk about the new "bar" at Epcot's Canada pavilion, and what international celebrities should host new Circle-Vision 360 movies in World Showcase.

Direct download: EoS20124v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:13pm CST

In which Bart pays tribute to three lost celebrities this week; Doris Roberts, Chyna, and of course, Prince Rogers Nelson. Plus fast-casual Middle Eastern food, channeling Epcot,"setting the stage", and a quick strip to the EoS Library to discuss the literary works of Jimmy Buffett. 

Direct download: EoS123.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:45am CST

After much technical difficulty, here is your Monday(ish) MobileCast! Come for a ride along the windows down, rant about people who aren't aware of their surroundings, and let me know if you'd like to wear the proper . . . uh, body gear.

Direct download: EoS122v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:20am CST

A not-so Monday MobileCast in which Bart talks the weather, riding out a real life twister, and why Cars Land will always remind him of bad weather. Then after a short 8 hour break, returns to discuss drinking at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, imagines his own Hanna-Barbera super team, before witnessing an almost tragic-turned-not-so-bad situation.

Direct download: EoS121.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:13pm CST

In which Bart gets hyped about new music by Jesse Blaze Snider, figures he should probably stop swearing on the show given the official announcement he makes, welcomes the end of American Idol, discusses both new trailers from Disney this week -- The BFG and Rogue One, and dips back into his own writing history with a story from the past.

Direct download: EoS120.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:41am CST

The Monday cast starts to veer off toward negativity with rants about crappy weather and conservative towns and beer neons, but then swerves back, discussing Audiobooks, David Spade, and moving to Florida. Then things really take a strange turn. Does Bart blow off work to chase the elusive white lion? Listen and find out!

Direct download: EoS119.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:15am CST

Unbelievably, Bart may be the first podcaster with this huge press release from Walt Disney World! This news is wild!

Direct download: EoS118.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:37am CST

A melancholy show - you've been warned. Reminiscing and flipping through old concert tickets.

Direct download: EoS117.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:53am CST

A particularly musical Monday morning MobileCast which quickly and inexplicably spirals into Van Halen talk. Plus Steven Tyler's Orlando adventure and more.

Direct download: EoS116v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 4:14pm CST

An EoS Mobile Cast in which Bart stresses out over work, reviews the new season of Daredevil so far, and makes a bit of an announcement. Plus, everyboddddaaayyy!!!

Direct download: EoS115.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 1:50pm CST

In which Bart feels off, but discusses the new Kong vehicles in Islands of Adventure, the new steam punk chocolate-themed restaurant in Universal City Walk, and finally reviews Zootopia, and dreams of a Zootopian world he can visit.

Direct download: EoS114v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:00am CST

Ride along as I pick up pizza from Lou's, coffee from the Double D, talk more Twister, wonder why Universal Orlando didn't go a different way, and make a minor announcement. All live from the Honda Odyssey!

Direct download: EoS20Mobile202.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:30pm CST

In which Bart is up too late on a school night and discusses the return of 88 Fingers Louie, his own younger, wilder days, watching Fantasia 2000 16 years late, and the special WDW Today even, De Las Puertas!

Direct download: EoS112.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:08am CST

In a highly unorthodox episode, Bart tests out mobile recording for future podcasts. Enjoy the sounds of stirring coffee, home improvement pondering, and DMX. Plus a lot of Bert Kreischer!

Direct download: EoS111test.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:01pm CST

In which Bart discusses the Wonderful World of Disney's Disneyland 60th special, how he doesn't remember Pete's Dragon, trying to get to Halloween Horror Nights, and goes over the menu and musical entertainment of the upcoming Epcot Flower & Garden Festival.

Direct download: EoS110.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:30am CST

In which Bart tries a special home brew for Paczki Day, reads some long overdue listener email revealing where you all want to be "poured out" after you slip off this mortal coil in honor of Ash Wednesday, and does a little imaginary Ultimate Disney Trip planning, because you asked.

Direct download: EoS109v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:30am CST

In which Bart discusses Dr. Who sandwiches, Dave Allen at Large, his weekend at the Elgin Literary Fest, Nathan Rabin, and how it all spurred an existential crisis. Plus a little more info on what's coming next.

Direct download: EoS108.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:51am CST

In which Bart gets all magical. From the Harry Potter Celebration at Universal Orlando to The Magicians on SyFy to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on the stage in London. Also obsesses about this weekend's Elgin Literary Festival in Elgin, IL and what he's going to say throughout his multiple appearances.

Direct download: EoS107.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:48pm CST

In which Bart pays tribute to the incredible actor, and beloved potions master, Alan Rickman.

Direct download: EOS106.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 10:44pm CST

In which Bart laments a sad few weeks for Rock n' Roll, paying tribute to Scott Weiland, Lemmy Kilmister, and David Bowie. Then briefly discusses the announced changes at Disneyland in preparation for Star Wars land and how they might affect his next book (or not.) And also starts spending his Powerball winnings already!

Direct download: EoS105.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:04pm CST

In which Bart talks about being sick, how Tamilflu messed up his brain, tries to turn to the Disney Parks Blog to salvage the episode, and gives a very brief, almost Drunk History version of how Disney Home Video began.

Direct download: EoS104.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 7:00am CST

In which Bart gives a brief summary of a green Christmas, then dives right into a spoiler-filled review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You've been warned.

Direct download: EoS103v2.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 2:39pm CST

In which Bart spends Christmas Eve Eve waxing rhapsodically about chicken wings and White Castle, gives a little WDW update about a new bar at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and even shares an excerpt from a new Christmas Story.

Direct download: EoS102.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:33am CST

Put on your ugliest holiday sweater, because baby it's cold outside (and creepy inside) and we're singing carols, reviewing A Very Murray Christmas, talking about audiobooks, Martin Short, Harry Potter, refurbishing Epcot rides, and even doing a little Christmas shopping. Get ready to sing and swing, baby!

Direct download: EoS101.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 4:36pm CST

The 100th episode in which Bart reflects on over two years of shows, the changes that have come, and the future ahead, before recapping Thanksgiving shenanigans, giving a brief review of The Good Dinosaur (which veers off into a memory of an obscure 1988 action movie called Shakedown) and finally answers some listener questions, including which Hogwarts house he belongs in.

Direct download: EoS100.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:10pm CST

In which Bart talks about boozy, smoky Thanksgivings of the past, the crowded circus of a Turkey Day he's not excited about this year, making people work on holidays, and sincerely thanks all of the listeners and supporters of Ears of Steel. Plus, Jessica Jones, Captain America, and a new collaboration on the horizon?

Direct download: EoS99.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 11:38pm CST

In which freshly returned from a trip to America's Dairyland, Bart discusses road trips, the joys of being a hockey parent (expense aside), the Wisconsin Dells, Spotted Cow, and good times at Great Wolf Lodge.

Direct download: EoS98.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 2:34pm CST

A surprise, slightly tipsy bonus pod because a few different listeners have said they enjoy listening while running. A couple are running in the Epcot Food & Wine "Wine and Dine Half" so I go over new menus at Disney and Universal for a special treat runners might enjoy treating themselves with! Sadly I don't succeed!!!

Direct download: EoS97.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 12:42am CST

In which Bart digs into the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer during Monday Night Football. Then a brief review of ABC's The Chew broadcasting semi-live from Epcot last week. Plus Soarin' going down, Halloween, werewolf costumes, and the further adventures of a "Suburban Sasquatch!"

Direct download: EoS95.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 4:56pm CST

In which Bart shares something he just learned involving the genesis of a Disney thrill ride and comedy legend. Then he asks you, the listeners for advice on his next project.

Direct download: EoS94.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 8:16pm CST

In which Bart discusses the Walt Disney World Anniversary, memories of his grandfather and EPCOT Center '82, time on Irish ice, and the circle of life in a pancake house.

Direct download: EoS93.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 8:59pm CST

Chili love, coffee addiction, a detailed listener review of Halloween Horror Nights 25 and #Drawlloween.

Direct download: EoS92.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 10:31pm CST

In which Bart obseves National Cheeseburger Day, plugs his recent appearance on the Brew Drown Podcast, admits to selling "facts" about Walt Disney World that might not (or might) be true, and recomends his new spiritual guide, Dee "Twisted Sister" Snider!

Direct download: EoS90.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 4:29pm CST

In which Bart discusses pumpkin beer, falling back in love with Harry Potter, checking out the Force Friday aftermath, Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights, his own obsession with werewolves, and takes a moment to remember the great Wes Craven.

Direct download: EoS89.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 6:52am CST

This week I smell what the Rock is cooking. From the newly announced Jungle Cruise movie to the Fast & Furious attraction coming Universal Orlando, it's going to be another big year for The Rock and for fans! Plus old African safaris, would I rather just drink a glass of olive brine, the Adventurer's Club and more!

Direct download: EOS88.mp3
Category:entertainment -- posted at: 2:58pm CST